IOM DDG Addresses UK Parliamentary Diaspora Group

February-06-2015 - IOM Deputy Director General Laura Thompson this week delivered a keynote speech at the UK House of Commons to launch the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diaspora, Development and Migration. The event was chaired by AFFORD UK.

IOM and UKCCMC host joint Breakfast Briefing on Climate Change and Migration

December-12-2014 - Climate change and migration are both highly sensitive topics in today’s political landscape. Research into both issues has reshaped our understanding of the relationship between climate change and the movement of people; however policy makers and civil society organisations have yet to build this new insight into their work. 

Migrant Deaths on World Borders, Jan-Nov 2014

IOM’s Head of Migration Research Presents Findings of Migrant Deaths at Sea in London

December-4-2014 - The number of deaths at sea in 2014 continues to rise and has reached unprecedented levels since 2010. Data collection has become a crucial element to understanding the profiles of those who are most at risk. This was the main topic of discussion on Wednesday, December 3rd at the IOM office in London where Frank Laczko, Head of the IOM Migration Research Division, presented the findings of the report “Fatal Journeys: Tracking lives lost during Migration”.

IOM Develops A Money-Transfer Comparison Sight for Colombian Migrant Remittances

November-28-2014 -As part of the project “Strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC)”, IOM has carried out a pilot project that aims to prepare the groundwork to generate efficient and transparent information about transferring remittances. 

Focus on Civil Society: IOM’s 105th Council meeting grants two UK NGOs with Observer Status

November-25-2014 - 156 Member States will gather to review IOM’s work in 2014 including its programmes and budget for 2015.  IOM UK is particularly thrilled to announce that this year’s Council meeting will