Anti-Slavery Day 2018

To mark Anti-Slavery Day 2018, IOM UK is launching new reports into vulnerabilities to human trafficking in Albania, Nigeria and Viet Nam
An IOM UK research project with the University of Bedfordshire aims to improve understanding of the causes, determinants and vulnerabilities to human trafficking in Albania, Nigeria and Viet Nam, as well as the support needs of people from these countries who have experienced trafficking into the UK. The project also seeks to identify good practice in prevention, identification, protection and interventions that support people who have experienced trafficking.

The research builds on IOM’s ‘Determinants of Vulnerability’ model to help understand human trafficking and migration more broadly. This model focusses on both the vulnerabilities and capacities of people who have experienced trafficking.

Shared Learning Events in Albania, Nigeria and Viet Nam were held to explore what is already known about vulnerability to human trafficking. These events involved a range of governmental, international and national stakeholders who work closely with people who have experienced forced labour, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation or other forms of exploitation associated with human trafficking. Reports sharing the key findings from each of these events are now published (links below). Analysis of the qualitative data from 160 interviews with adults who have experienced human trafficking and expert stakeholders will add much needed depth and nuance to understandings of the causes of trafficking and the experiences of those who are trafficked.

The project is funded through the Modern Slavery Innovation Fund at the UK Home Office.

Reports from Shared Learning Events: