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As part of the exhibition "Call me by my name - Stories from Calais and beyond" curated by the Migration Museum Project, IOM invites attendees and visitors to come to the "Moving stories - Visual explorations of migration" storybooth on Saturday 18 June to respond to theme questions and share human journeys and experiences, stories of home, love, loss and transitions.

Come explore your own story in our specially commissioned photo booth with artist Marcia Chandra. You’ll receive a professional portrait for you to keep, and a forum to share your voice!
International Organization for Migration (IOM) booth at the
Call Me By My Name, Stories from Calais and beyond” exhibition curated by the Migration Museum Project
Londonewcastle Project Space
28 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP London
Date and Time
Saturday 18 June 2016
12:00 to 17:00