Migration Initiatives

In recent years, the public discourse around migration has become increasingly polarizing. To dispel the myths and misinformation, IOM UK supports different campaigns, initiatives and events to engage the community and connect with diverse audiences.

There are many ways to support IOM’s work to raise awareness of migration-related issues:

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Migration has always been a part of human history. It is inevitable and when well-managed migration can have very real benefits. Migration touches all of us. 

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Singing Our Lives

Since 2017, IOM has been working in partnership with Together Productions and partners to unite refugees, migrants and British choir members through music for the Singing Our Lives concert. Hosted by Together Productions the event showcases original music that celebrates the strength and resilience of refugees and migrants and the annual event sees hundreds of performers perform on the final day of Refugee Week. The concert marks the culmination of a unique creative process that brings amateur choirs and professional musicians together through a series of workshops aimed at promoting understanding among diverse groups. Singing Our Lives combines opera, classical, popular and electronic genres with music from around the globe.

For more details on all our Refugee Week activities please click here


Building Tomorrow Together

British and Syrian children explore the question “What makes me, me?” and try to unpack what is important to them at IOM-facilitated Building Tomorrow Together workshops.  Designed to promote understanding and integration for Syrian and British youth,  IOM launched  Building Tomorrow Together  in 2017.  During the workshops, refugee children prior to resettling to the UK and British children draw their hopes and dreams on leaf-shaped pieces of paper.  These leaves are then pinned together on a tree-shaped art installation. The fully grown, leaf-decorated tree shows the children that they have more things in common with each other than differences. Many of the kids’ leaves expressed the importance of family, homes and safe places to play.


Portraits of Welcome

Members of the public are invited to share messages of inclusion and welcome for migrants and refugees in IOM UK’s participatory arts project, Portraits of Welcome.  The photos and messages captured reflect on what the future may hold for our shared community.

IOM UK would like to expand this project throughout the UK, giving others opportunity to share their welcome with migrants and refugees into their communities.  Through this type of interaction, British attitudes towards migration are becoming more optimistic, according to many recent polls.


Global Migration Film Festival

I am a Migrant Campaign

"Migration is one of the key realities of our time. It cuts across communities, influences priorities, and shapes societies.
To realise the benefits of migration for migrants and host communities alike, our responses must be innovative, collaborative and designed beyond the immediate."


Dipti Pardeshi, Chief of Mission of the IOM UK Office