"Moments in Migration": a diaspora photo competition, give us your best shot!

London (10 February 2021) - Do you remember the moment when you decided that you would migrate? What were your emotions or aspirations? Looking at the present, what makes you want to stay or move again? And how would you express any of these feelings through a photograph? Some of us move once in a lifetime, while others many more times. Some of us feel certain in our heads or hearts, while others still have doubts even decades after moving. Whatever your story, we want to hear from you. 

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) invites members from the Gambia, Guinea and Senegal diaspora communities to submit entries to our photo competition. The competition is open to all photographers, from beginners to amateur and even professionals.
This is an exciting opportunity to have your photos showcased on IOM channels, published on the IOM official bi-annual e-magazine as well as featured on the global IOM iDiaspora website. 

Give us your best shot! 
We are seeking photographs that encapsulates, in one shot, the things that trigger(ed) your decision to migrate, or to stay. For many, migration decisions are driven by a search for something, be it survival, safety, nearness to loved ones or new horizons, but what defines all movements on some level, is hope. We invite you to step into your creative shoes and ready your storytelling lenses! Your chosen image could explore the different factors or events that culminated into your migration decision, express and represent emotions, or anything else that you feel embodies your journey of choosing to migrate or to remain.






1)    Choose one of the following categories

i)     TO MIGRATE: your chosen image should depict the factor/s that triggered your desire and decision to move from your place of origin to place of destination. This can be retrospective, and refer to the decision you made in the past to leave your country of origin and migrate to the UK, or another country. It may include push factors from your country of origin and pull factors from your country of destination. 

ii)     TO STAY: your photograph should depict the factor/s that trigger your desire and decision to remain in the UK, or another country rather than migrating back to your country of origin or elsewhere. 

iii)     TO MIGRATE AGAIN: your chosen image should depict the factor/s that triggered your desire and decision to migrate again. This could refer to a decision you are making now about whether to move back to your country of origin or move away to somewhere elsewhere.


2)    Format of submission - Submit your entry to the photo competition, by email to skondeh@iom.int and mcherti@iom.int following these instructions:

•    Photos entries should be submitted as an attachment to an email and should be as high resolution as possible
•    You can submit one picture for each category, for a maximum of 3 photographs per person.
•    If people are included in the picture, you must ensure that they are aware of the scope of the project. You also need to fill in IOM Media Consent Form signed by the person/s you portrayed.If children are the focus of the picture, consent must be gathered from parents/legal guardians. Download the IOM Media Consent Form form here.

In the body of the email include: 
•    Your full name 
•    Your contact details, email and phone number 
•    Full names and contact details of persons in the picture 
•    A caption for the picture of maximum 50 words. This is an opportunity for you to briefly explain your photograph, or provide any additional words that add context and meaning to your entry

3) Requirements

•    Photographs should be as high resolution as possible and respect ethical standards
•    Must depict and tell the story of your decision to migrate, remigrate or not migrate (stay). See details of categories above. 
•    No misrepresentation through editing, but tonal/colour editing is allowed
•    Deadline for submission is 26 March 2021


Important information for the authors of the pictures: By sending your pictures to IOM as entries for this competition, you agree that all intellectual property and other proprietary rights including, but not limited to, patents, copyrights, trademarks and ownership of data resulting from the Project shall be vested in IOM. 


Awards will be in the form of gift vouchers for the following amounts:

First prize £200 
Second prize £100 

Third prize £50 


More about the project 

As part of our engagement with diaspora communities in the UK, IOM is currently working with the Gambia, Guinea, and Senegal diaspora communities, as part of the larger the Safety, Support and Solutions II programme, with the purpose of better understanding, and share learnings about,  the triggers behind the migration decision making process. This photo competition aims at capturing the voice of selected Guinean, Gambian and Senegalese diaspora members about their own migration decision-making, and their influence on migration decision in their countries of origin. 


For information please contact:
Sia Kondeh, skondeh@iom.int; Myriam Cherti mcherti@iom.int

"Migration is one of the key realities of our time. It cuts across communities, influences priorities, and shapes societies.
To realise the benefits of migration for migrants and host communities alike, our responses must be innovative, collaborative and designed beyond the immediate."


Dipti Pardeshi, Chief of Mission of the IOM UK Office