IOM supports survivors of trafficking to rebuild their lives in the UK

People who are survivors of trafficking often face challenges trying to rebuild their lives in their new communities, including finding decent work. They may have limited understanding of employment practices and work culture, and may lack digital skills and tools to search and apply for jobs online. They may also lack employable skills and experience, and face practical challenges.

Today, on the occasion of UK Antislavery Day 2020 and EU Anti-Trafficking Day, we are pleased to announce that to help survivors rebuild their lives, IOM UK is providing a skills development programme for people who are trafficking survivors. The first programme will start in November and will initially be delivered online for 3 months. The training programmes will focus on 3 key areas of skills.

The first area is digital literacy skills. Trafficking survivors will learn how to use a computer to search and apply for jobs, write their CV and stay safe online. The second area covers life skills such as understanding United Kingdom systems and support structures, building soft skills for the workplace, individual rights and responsibilities and basic financial literacy. The third area focuses on employment skills to help survivors understand employment practices and culture in the United Kingdom.

Alongside the skills development training, each trafficking survivor will receive personalised assistance from an IOM case worker to help them identify their strengths and interests, prepare their CV, apply for jobs and access vocational training and volunteering opportunities.

By next year’s UK Anti-Slavery Day, we aim to have trained and supported 3 groups of survivors. We are also designing a framework to track progress towards employment for the survivors we are supporting.

Finally, we will share the resources developed with other organizations to support survivors of trafficking on their journey towards employment and integration in the United Kingdom and beyond.

"Migration is one of the key realities of our time. It cuts across communities, influences priorities, and shapes societies.
To realise the benefits of migration for migrants and host communities alike, our responses must be innovative, collaborative and designed beyond the immediate."


Dipti Pardeshi, Chief of Mission of the IOM UK Office