As migration touches so many parts of society, good migration governance relies on holistic approaches whereby all actors touching on the movement of people are implicated. Governing migration well requires collaboration and partnership: both principles are integral to the sustainability and effectiveness of IOM’s work.
Our networks of partners help ensure better outcomes for migrants and supports humane and orderly migration: we work with civil society, donors, migrant communities, the private sector, universities and local authorities, as well as encourage a whole-of-government approach to migration to engage partners across the UK Government to support coordinated and complementary policies and help achieve our global mandate.

Liaison and Partnerships

As one of the largest distributors of overseas development aid in the world, a key supporter of aid reform, and one of our largest humanitarian and development donors, the UK Government is a key partner and together with the Department for International Development, the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we are able to assist thousands of people across the globe.

We are committed to expanding collaboration with the UK Parliament, notably the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Migration, Refugees, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and Diaspora, Development and Migration.

Improving migration research and evidence is also a key priority of ours, especially in light of the skewed public discourse that tends to accompany migration debates. We are strengthening partnerships with universities we work closely with, such as the University of Bedfordshire, and we are continually forging new partnerships with other universities and think tanks, such as the Overseas Development Institute and Chatham House.

Engaging with civil society organisations, such as grassroots migrant and diaspora organizations, foundations and trusts, international and local non-governmental organizations, as well as regional umbrella organisations, is also integral to all of our activities.

Private Sector Partnerships

We recognise that the private sector has an important role to play in humanitarian and development challenges: it will be essential to reach the objectives set by the Sustainable Development Goals. Our intention is to build long-term partnerships with companies, foundations, associations and individuals that use each partner’s knowledge, expertise, skills and/or resources for the benefit of migrants and society. Our global partnerships include collaborations with AmeriCares, Body Shop, CISCO, Citi Foundation, Deloitte, ESRI, Husqvarna, KT Corporation, Lifeline Energy, Maersk, Maple Leaf Foods, Microsoft, Panasonic, SAS, TawiPay, UPS and others.

We are currently exploring partnership opportunities with private sector actors whose own CSR sustainability focus, products, skills & abilities, whose vision, passions and concerns find synergy and alignment with our own. Get in touch with us to discuss our partnership opportunities by emailing: .

View the video below to learn more about IOM's private sector engagement.