This Data Protection Notice explains how the International Organization for Migration (“IOM”, “we”, “us”), an international organization part of the United Nations system, handles your personal data in the context of your participation in our events.


Who is responsible for the handling of my personal data? 
IOM, as the event organizer and the data controller, is responsible for handling any personal data collected about you as a result of your participation in this event, in accordance the IOM Data Protection Principles and international data protection standards. This means that IOM determines the purposes and the means (the why and the how) of the data processing activities. IOM enjoys privileges and immunities under international law. Nothing in or related to this Data Protection Notice may be deemed as a waiver, express or implied of any of the privileges and immunities of IOM.

In case of online or hybrid IOM events, please note that IOM may be using specific platforms, such as Zoom and Webex, who act as IOM data processors. 

If you have any questions or requests concerning this Data Protection Notice, please reach out to the IOM Office or Department responsible for the organization of the event, or otherwise contact us at


Why do we collect your Personal Data?

We collect and further use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

(a) Event Management 

To organize and coordinate this event, including managing attendance. This includes using your Personal Data to allow you to take part in events for which you have signed up, to compile and share participant lists, and to issue certificates of attendance and/or access badges, as the case may be. 

We need to use your Personal Data for these purposes allow us to adequately manage our events. If you do not provide your Personal Data to us for these purposes, we will not be able to ensure adequate event management.

(b) Event Follow-up

To contact you with further news, updates, and developments concerning IOM events which you have attended, and to keep you updated on future IOM events in which you may be interested.

We need to use your Personal Data for these purposes to be able to contact you with the abovementioned information. However, you can refuse to consent or object to this processing (see below for more information). If you do, we will not be able to reach out to you with relevant communications concerning its events.

(c) Event Promotion

To publicly promote our work and raise awareness on topics discussed / presented at IOM events through different media channels, including our websites, publications, and social media. This may include capturing photographs and video recordings of events for publication through those channels, making statements and presentations given by speakers available through those channels, broadcasting IOM events through live web-streaming, and making recordings of events available online.

If these activities are carried out at an IOM event, you will be clearly informed about this beforehand (through verbal announcements and, where appropriate, notices at the event premises). 

We need to use your Personal Data for these purposes to be able to publish photographs, video recordings and other relevant documents concerning an event, with the goal of promoting and raising awareness on our activities. However, you can refuse to consent or object to the processing for these purposes (see below for more information). In this case, we will refrain from including Personal Data related to you in any promotional activities carried out concerning IOM events (whenever technically feasible and provided it is within IOM’s control) or will otherwise employ reasonable efforts to ensure any disclosure of your Personal Data is limited to the greatest extent possible.

(d) Internal Administration 

We may process your Personal Data for Internal Administration Purposes in accordance with IOM’s internal policies, regulations and rules. This includes Audits, Investigations, and Monitoring and Evaluations while it may concern consulting attendance lists and contact information and generating statistics on participants. 

We need to use your personal data for these purposes in order to comply with IOM’s internal policies, regulations and rules as well as potential contractual commitments.   


How long is my Personal Data kept by IOM?

In accordance with internationally recognized best practices and the IOM Data Protection Principles, we will retain your Personal Data for the purposes (a)-(d) mentioned above for the period which is deemed necessary for those purposes to be fulfilled (e.g. to allow you to participate in the event, manage the event, ensure adequate follow-up). 

As soon as your Personal Data are no longer necessary for these purposes or in case you withdraw your consent or object to the processing, your Personal Data will be deleted or anonymized without undue delay (whenever technically feasible and provided in its within IOM’s control). Unless you withdraw your consent or object to the processing, your Personal Data may also be archived by IOM to fulfill IOM’s mandate in the public interest sphere. 


Who can see your Personal Data, and who will they be shared with?

Internally, within IOM, your Personal Data may be processed by IOM personnel who need to carry out tasks strictly related to the purposes (a) – (d) described above and who are subject to an appropriate obligation of confidentiality.

Externally, your Personal Data may be shared with:

  • Companies or other entities engaged by us, including other international organizations, institutions or bodies, and partners who assist IOM in the organization of IOM external events (e.g. by providing venues), or who provide other services related to the management/ organization of IOM external events (e.g. communication platforms), follow-up and promotion or assist IOM in its internal administration. Such entities typically process Personal Data on our behalf; 
  • Other participants who sign up for an IOM event;
  • The general public for photos, videos, participant lists and other relevant documents posted on the IOM website and other spaces in the public domain; 
  • Third party media outlets for communication and event promotion purposes;
  • Certification authorities, where necessary to allow your attendance to an event to be certified;

All transfers of Personal Data to parties external to IOM (“third parties”) will be covered by adequate safeguards to protect the confidentiality of those Personal Data, as well as your rights and interests. 


What are my rights? How can I exercise them?

You are entitled, under the IOM Data Protection Principles, to request to:

  • Access your Personal Data being processed by us, as well as to be provided with information on the processing of your Personal Data;
  • Verify, update, or rectify your Personal Data being processed by us, where it may be inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data, where you have previously provided it to us for one or more specific purposes (such as for Event Follow-up and/or Event Promotion) or to object to its processing;
  • Deletion of your Personal Data when they are no longer necessary for the specified purposes they were collected for, where you withdraw your consent, or where there no other valid purpose for IOM to process their Personal Data.

Please note that IOM will need to verify your identity to be able to assess your request and it may not always be able to comply with your request, for example for reasons of public interest (including compliance with IOM’s internal mandatory requirements, safety and security considerations, prevailing rights of other individuals, for example). We will assess this on a case-by-case basis; if an exemption or restriction is found to be applicable, you will be informed of our reasoning for this. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this notice or wish to exercise any of the above mentioned rights, please contact the IOM Office or Department organizing the event, or otherwise send a written request to IOM Headquarters at .