IOM United Kingdom’s strategic goal for 2021–2024 is to “promote and support safe, orderly and regular migration, enhancing the well-being of migrants and receiving communities in line with a rights-based and whole-of-society approach to migration governance”. Our goal is founded on the vision that migration should be a matter of choice rather than desperate necessity. IOM will work in partnership with key actors to realise and maximise the development potential of migration and the benefits it can bring to migrants, home and host societies.To achieve the strategic goal, IOM has identified the following strategic priorities under the themes of governance, resilience and mobility.

  • Resettlement
  • Integration and community cohesion
  • Immigration and visa support
  • Migration and sustainable development (including diaspora engagement and labour mobility) 
  • Migration policy and research
  • Migrant children
  • Human trafficking and modern slavery
  • Migrant protection and assistance (including voluntary return and sustainable reintegration) 

IOM in the United Kingdom | Strategy 2021-2024.