Successful integration outcomes rely on support being provided as early as possible. IOM’s integration work in the UK leverages our global presence to develop programmes and support that span all stages of the integration journey. This includes working closely with the diverse range of stakeholders supporting refugees and migrants arriving in the UK to more effectively link pre-departure and post-arrival support.

On this page you can access a range of accessible information and resources to better support migrants and refugees within your community. Our integration resources are divided into the following sections:

  • Local Authority integration resources

    This includes information on IOM’s pre-departure cultural orientation, and a repository of Local Authority factsheets.
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  • Post-arrival integration resources

    This includes information and materials on IOM’s post-arrival support within the UK, and other relevant projects across Europe.
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  • Employment / Labour Market Integration resources

    This includes information on our refugee and migrant employment support initiatives (including pre-departure skills profiling), a dedicated guide for UK businesses, and how we are engaging with employers and other stakeholders within the UK.
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  • Indicators of Integration Framework

    In 2019 the UK Home Office revised its framework for the Indicators of Integration, adapting its successful 2004 framework with recent research on integration and nationwide consultation on its use. In order to enhance the wide use and applicability of the framework, IOM UK and the Home Office worked together to increase Local Authorities´ familiarity and confidence in using the Indicators of Integration Framework. Explore this section for more information and to access related resources.

Please note – many of these resources currently require sign-up with a email to access. We’ll be opening more of these up more widely in the near future.