You have likely reached this page after taking part in Skills Profiling by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as part of your resettlement to the United Kingdom.

Skills Profiling is an entirely optional process that has no impact on your resettlement, or any other support you receive from IOM.

Skills Profiling will enable you to produce a Skills Profile, similar to a basic CV, for you to use and present upon arrival in your new country. This can help to facilitate early and initial conversations around employment, education or training.

Your personal data is recorded and stored securely by IOM. You have the right to request that your data is corrected or deleted.

You can also request a digital PDF version of your Skills Profile.

Please see below for further details.

Your Data

What personal data do we collect and process?
We collect and process your name, date of birth, country of birth, country of resettlement, gender, aspirations, care and health considerations, education and training, lingual abilities, as well as your personal and professional skills and experience. This enables us to produce a Skills Profile, similar to a CV, for you to use to facilitate early skills identification. IOM will also compile and anonymize this data to produce reports.

For how long will we process your personal data?
Your personal data will be kept by IOM and any authorized person or entity acting on behalf of IOM until the project is completed. IOM may keep anonymized data archived for historical records and other purposes to fulfil IOM’s obligations and mandate. IOM may also continue to process this data for statistical and research purposes.

Your right to make requests and submit complaints concerning the use of your personal data: You can contact IOM to (a) have information about the processing of your personal data by IOM, (b) access your personal data, (c) correct your personal data, (d) delete your personal data, (e) object to further processing of your personal data and/or withdraw your consent. IOM will need to verify your identity to be able to assess your request. IOM will assess whether it can comply with your request on a case-by-case basis. If a restriction is found to be applicable, you will be informed of our reasoning of this.

How you can contact IOM?
You may exercise any of the above rights by contacting IOM on Please understand that

  1. Your consent to participation in the Skills Profiling form is optional and entirely voluntary, and it will not impact on your resettlement decision or the support you will receive in the resettlement country;
  2. Your personal data will be kept strictly confidential, protected and secured, and accessed on a need-to-know basis;
  3. You will not receive remuneration for the use of your responses.

Requesting a Digital PDF

If you have previously taken part in Pre-Departure Skills Profiling with IOM and would like to request a digital PDF version of your Skills Profile, or you have mislaid your paper version, it’s incredibly easy to do this. Please send an email to titled ‘Digital CRISP SP Request’ and include:

  • Your Full Name (including any middle names)
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your UNHCR Case Number

We’ll then endeavour to respond within 3 working days.