• Amir Hussain Ibrahimi | Amir is a member of Good Chance Theatre

The word community might have different meanings to different people, but to me community means ‘To Start’.

My move to the UK was the start of learning more about myself, the new country and the new culture of the place that I now live in. There are lots of challenges ahead of me, yet I know I need to start from somewhere. From a place, from a starting point. And to me this starting point is community.

My name is Amir Hussain Ibrahimi. I was evacuated from Afghanistan during the Fall of Kabul last August.I left everything behind. My childhood, my family, my culture, my country and even some parts of myself. Now I need to learn the alphabet of my new life. And yes, it is as daunting as it sounds.

You can easily get lost; there are so many starting points, so many communities with different ideas and goals to shape and support you for your journey ahead.

But I consider myself lucky that I have found a good one. The amazing Good Chance Theatre.

I came across them through a job opportunity for a wonderful project called Fly With Me, which celebrated the 800-year-old Afghan tradition of kite flying. They recruited me to be part of this marvellous project and celebrate some aspects of Afghan culture in the UK.

Working on this project along so many lovely people for me was like re-joining my family to do a big project to highlight and honour our nice culture. Through this project I hope I can expand my network and tell more people about the beauty of my country.

My little Afghanistan is a very beautiful place to live in. It is a great mountainous land with picturesque natural landscapes. It is so radiant, especially when all Afghan people, despite their age, fly their colourful kites in the blue sky. When our kites take to the skies, it is a time for celebrating life and friendship.

Community is my wings. And I would like to invite everyone to join us and fly kites in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. We can learn from each other, where we can all celebrate as one community.

And it is the same with the Fly With Me project.

This is my community where I am growing again, and my wings are ready to fly. I have found myself and I want to release that newfound sense of self to the skies.