Since April 2020, through the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been supporting UK Nationals and their family members to secure and maintain their residency rights in EU countries nowt hat the UK is no longer part the EU. The UKNSF specifically those who may have found it harder to complete their residency applications  through information activities and practical support in France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Malta.

Together with other partners and in close coordination with the UK Embassies in these countries, we raised awareness among UK Nationals, shared accessible information on residency requirements, and provided direct practical support in completing applications for those in situations where access to information and application processes was difficult. Our work focused on individuals who were facing specific challenges, such as people living with disabilities, those grappling with chronic illness, language and literacy barriers, or barriers in accessing technology.

This project has now ended in all IOM’s countries of focus. The helplines and email accounts are no longer active but further information for UK Nationals living in France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain can be found through the FCDO’s Living in Guide’s or through each IOM Mission’s websites below.  

Please use the Living in Guides for the relevant EU country to find out more information on what documents may be used. The Living in Guides for our countries of focus can be found below. 

Living in France Living in Germany Living in Italy Living in Poland
Living in Portugal Living in Slovakia Living in Spain

Living in Malta

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More information on IOM France website here


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​​​​​More information on the UKNSF in Slovakia is available here 


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More information on IOM Malta website:

IOM global work in this area complements government services and provides assistance to migrants with information on their rights and access to procedures, especially for those living in more difficult circumstances. The International Organization of Migation (IOM) has been working for nearly 75 years to promote humane, orderly and regular migration. This new project brings together many areas of IOM’s work which helps people to avoid ending up in an irregular or undocumented situation, including our expertise in regularization, integration, ID management, and directly assisting migrants who find themselves in difficult or vulnerable situations.

The seven EU Member States that we will be working in, were determined based on assessed needs and in coordination with some of the other grantees of the UKNSF, so that as many UK nationals as possible could be supported. Please keep checking this page to find up-to-date information on requirements, procedures and our initiatives in the seven EU Member States to support those who may struggle to complete residency or registration applications.


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