Although the majority of migrants move without the need for targeted services, some find themselves in need of assistance and protection. In the UK, some migrants wish to return to their country of origin but lack the means to do so. Dignified and humane assistance to migrants in need is an important element of IOM’s work. We provide reliable migrant assistance through the two areas below:

We have a team based at Heathrow Airport which provides transit assistance to refugees and migrants moving through the airport. Working around the clock, the IOM UK’s Heathrow Airport Team is working to ensure refugees and migrants arrive at their final destination safely and smoothly. Since 2003, we have assisted almost 150,000 migrants and refugees transit through London Heathrow.

We coordinate cash based reintegration assistance through the Facilitated Return Scheme Reintegration Support Project for returned migrants from the UK to a wide range of countries of origin.

European Union Settlement Scheme

An estimated 3.5 million EU citizens currently resident in the UK are required to apply to remain in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme (EU-SS). However, there are concerns that some of those required to apply remain unaware of the Scheme, or they may struggle to make an application.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is leading a partnership with three organizations – the3million, St Mungo’s, and Here for Good – and working closely with local authorities to ensure that vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations are provided with the information and support that they need to access the EU-SS.

These vulnerable applicants may include the elderly, people with disabilities, homeless and rough sleepers, Roma communities, survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery, and young care-leavers.

Alongside outreach to marginalised populations, the direct support provided includes help with language interpretation, IT and technical requirements, and guidance on identification documents and proof of residence evidence. IOM’s OISC-certified staff and Here for Good lawyers provide qualified immigration advice and direct face-to-face assistance to individuals submitting applications.

To apply and find out more, visit the EU Settlement Scheme.

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