Welcome to IOM UK’s Refugee and Migrant Integration Hub.

Who is this hub for?
This hub is designed to be a central point of resource and signposting both for refugees and migrants, as well as the individuals and organisations that support them to integrate into UK society.

How do I use this hub?
This hub is divided into the following sections:

  • Pre-Departure/Post-Arrival Support: Resources for Local Authorities 
    IOM UK plays an important role in the integration continuum, connecting the information provided to resettled refugees before departing for the UK with their experiences post-arrival. As these resources are targeted for local authorities, please note that to access them you will be prompted to register using an official gov.uk email address.
  • Refugee Information Sessions
    Since 2016, IOM UK has produced a number of sessions covering important background information on various refugee and vulnerable migrant communities. Explore this section for more information and access to the resources shared in our Refugee Information Sessions, Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children sessions, and Engaging Migrant Communities in the Context of COVID-19 webinar.
  • 2019 Indicators of Integration Framework
    In 2019 the UK Home Office revised its framework for the Indicators of Integration, adapting its successful 2004 framework with recent research on integration and nationwide consultation on its use. In order to enhance the wide use and applicability of the framework, IOM UK and the Home Office worked together to increase Local Authorities´ familiarity and confidence in using the Indicators of Integration Framework. Explore this section for more information and to access related resources.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us at infosessionsUK@iom.int.