Diaspora Climate Champions Leading on Climate Action

There is no place on earth that is immune to the effects of climate change. At IOM, we know there is no planet B, and we engage with key actors, such diaspora members, who have unique and valuable skills, knowledge, and connections, that can enable a more coordinated and effective climate action.  

“Diasporas are critically advancing the agenda for climate action.” - Larisa Lara, IOM's Transnational Communities & Digital Communications Officer. 

IOM’s Diaspora 4 Climate Action (D4C) project aims to raise the visibility of diasporas as key climate actors, and works with them to develop actionable strategies in partnership with national governments and other national and local actors. 

IOM UK hosted a two-day innovative peer learning workshop as part of the D4C project. This event brought together sixteen dedicated diaspora members from Bangladesh, Ghana, Jamaica, Moldova, and Somalia, who were identified to become ‘Diaspora Climate Champions’ and inspire change within their communities.


Diaspora members having discussions at D4C workshop.

The workshop equipped participants with the fundamental tools to lead climate action initiatives and discussions, including a focus on resource mobilisation, strategic communications, partnership and leadership.

“There is a lot of good work happening across different diaspora groups, and the D4C brings a lot of us together.”                              -Shehab Choudhury, Diaspora Climate Champion of the Bangladeshi community. 

Each of these sixteen Diaspora Climate Champion is a future changemaker in their country of origin, as well as in the UK and globally. 


Supported by the IOM Development Fund, the Diaspora for Climate Action project aims to empower diasporas to contribute to key global conversations and initiatives around climate action.

Diaspora voices must be heard. 

For information on the D4C project please contact Martina Castiglioni,; or Shuva Thapa,, and sign-up to our quarterly newsletter here