GCM Talk: Migration and Adaptation in the Context of Climate Change: Key Takeaways and Recommendations

On 7th September the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the International Organization for Migration organised a GCM talk on Migration and adaptation in the context of climate change: a pragmatic approach towards removing barriers and enhancing opportunities. The roundtable discussion featured speakers from UN agencies, academia and civil society, and included opening remarks from Minister Andrew Mitchell (Minister of State for Development and Africa at FCDO) and Jonathan Prentice (Head of Secretariat for the UN Network on Migration).

The event focused on the potential adaptive capacity of migration in the context of climate change, widening the scope of current conversations around climate change and migration. Speakers explored concrete ways in which different migration pathways can support adaptation and how migrants and diasporas can be part of the solution if included in adaptation planning, implementation and monitoring.

This timely discussion and its outcome document will help to inform the UK White Paper on Development, as well as UK contributions to COP28, and to next year’s GCM Regional Reviews, where climate change is likely to feature heavily as a key theme.

You can find the event's recording and more information about the event here GCM Talk: Migration and adaptation in the context of climate change | United Nations Network on Migration.

You can also find the outcome document here.