Refugee Week 2020: IOM UK Again Joins with Together Productions in Support of Migrants and Refugees, Combat Xenophobia

Since 2017, Together Productions with support from IOM UK, has been bringing together hundreds of choirs and instrumentalists including refugees and migrants.

London – IOM UK is proud to be partnering with Together Productions for the fourth year, joining this common mission to unite people from different backgrounds, combat xenophobia and showcase new music celebrating the strength and resilience of refugees and migrants.  

In tandem with the UK’s Refugee Week 2020, Together Productions is launching a new online global music video project, in partnership with I Speak Music. People worldwide are invited to participate in the creation of a new music video celebrating the extraordinary contributions of refugees and migrants to our world.  

The new short film will deploy the power of music to emphasize our solidarity and highlight the beautiful diversity of our planet. 

Together Productions has created an online platform for people worldwide to engage in this act of art and solidarity. Participants must first register with this global initiative at to receive detailed information and guidance on joining the virtual ensemble. Instructions on participating in the recording will be available on the platform. 

This year’s song has been created by members of the I Speak Music Community Orchestra (led by Jim Pinchen and Raghad Haddad). The work fuses different styles of music including Arabic, Latin, hip hop and choral. The partners are giving participant the opportunity to join the cast of the final music video by filming themselves singing, playing instruments or dancing while also sharing moments from their daily lives. 

Submissions from the public will be edited into a final film by Academy and Emmy Award nominated director Leslie Knott and acclaimed director/writer/producer Ben Gregor.  

The simple act of joining this unique music video project sends a powerful message of solidarity to those in refugee camps around the world and recognizes the contributions of migrants and refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2017, Together Productions with support from IOM UK has been producing the Singing Our Lives project, which is a unique creative process that joins hundreds of voices and instrumentalists – including migrants and refugees – in a series of workshops and concerts that promote understanding and empathy among diverse groups.  

“Music can be a type of therapy,” said Kolbassia Haoussou, 42, a torture survivor who has been living in the UK since 2005, the year he was granted asylum, Mr. Haoussou has been part of a previous edition of the project.  

“It helps me express what’s in my heart to others who may not understand,” he explained.  

Due to the current circumstances, a live concert will not take place in Refugee Week 2020, but the digital platform creates an exciting possibility of engagement with people from any corner of the world, without borders or limitations.  

For more information please contact Abir Soleiman, IOM UK, Tel: +44 7470195306, Email: